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Solo Radiators

By operating with tiny water volumes, and with energy saving software continuously adjusting the heat delivered to a room, there is no wasteful overheating and uncomfortable heat swings. These good looking terminals add significant energy efficiency to a house. Each radiator acts like its own heating zone, hence the name "SOLO". It is a fraction of the cost of a underfloor system, and only slightly more expensive that conventional radiators and MUCH more efficient.

Solo Hydronic Heating Terminals

Solo Hydronic Heating Terminals are designed to operate with both heat pumps and boilers. They supply instant heat where you want it, when you want it with no zone valves. All our systems can be used in isolation, or may be linked to form a wide array of energy saving solutions.Even with 85C water, Solo never gets warm to touch, so it is 100% safe for kids and the elderly. It can also be painted with any paint.

Building on the unprecedented operating economy and success of the Solo Standard range, the Discreet and Modular ranges have been conceived to address developing consumer trends in interior design and lifestyle.

Our philosophy recognises the importance of good design, and Solo Hydronic heating enhances both the appearance and the value of your home, and are availble in an array of high specification finishes


In our climate, we can get the four seasons during a typical winter day. Solo Hydronic software continually adjusts heating levels to maintain comfort in step with fluctuating weather conditions. By continually sampling air temperature, the embedded software predicts exact heating requirement and so eliminates excessive energy consumption associated with slow acting underfloor or radiator heating. There is virtually no time lag between the use of energy and the emission of heat. You get unsurpassed levels of economy and control, –you set the heat level you want, and the rest is automatic.

Solo is available in either wall mounting for conventional block walls, or in a fully recessed configuration for timberframe or similar construction. Being typically only 20% the size of an equivalent radiator, Solo interfaces to any standard 22mm dia piping system, and monitors both air and water temperatures.

Patented Features

Solo technology eliminates all water valves required for conventional zoning - any Solos in a given piped zone may be individually switched on or off remotely. Just imagine turning on your bedroom heat from your mobile phone! No heat will be emitted, and therefore wasted, by the others in the same zone even though hot water is running through all.

Some features of the "Solo" system

  • Can run with water temperatures as low as 28°C
  • Offers a very good match with heat pumps
  • Even with 85C water, Solo never gets warm to touch, so it is 100% scald safe.
  • Hideaway, low profile and recessed models available
  • Can be used in a fan only mode for summer cooling
  • Pipe work can be hidden behind unit

If you are considering using a Solo system, run the radiator pipework in 22mm (or ¾") in "reverse-return" configuration.